T & C

Terms and Conditions

1/ The Swishspot Bakery accepts photos, graphics and text on the condition that the customer uploading said photos, graphics and text are the copyright holder or have the permission of the copyright holder. The Swishspot Bakery acts as the customer’s agent to print a single edible image for use on the customer’s cake and any liability for copyright infringement is that of the customer.

2/ While The Swishspot Bakery maintains the right to refuse any photos, graphics or text it believes may infringe copyright or deemed to possibly be offensive in the eyes of the general public this in no way negates term 1.

3/ While all efforts are made to produce the best possible image from your file, it must be remembered that we are using water based food colours on sugar/starch icing sheets. So image quality and colour matching are variable and cannot be used as grounds for a return / credit.

4/Delivery policy: Any stated delivery time, dates are those of Australia Post and start from when we email your product. As delivery is out side of our control any inquiries or complaints must be made to Australia Post once the product has been sent. Refer to section 6/ Return & Refund policy for more information.

5/Privacy policy: We only hold your information for the purpose of delivering your product and will not share it with any third party other than the courier company/Australia Post.

6/ Return & Refund policy: In the event of our refusing an image for printing you will be given the options of supplying another acceptable image or a refund. Orders can be cancelled up until shipping confirmation by returned email with courier ticket number . We cannot refund for products damaged by the courier.  As image quality is subjective, dependent on the artwork you supply and the limitations of printing in food colours we cannot offer refunds in regards to print quality. Refunds in regards to food quality are by negotiation and pro-rata based. A claim against the quality of the product yet it had been completely consumed would not be accepted. All refunds are by a credit back to the account used to purchase.